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coffee drinks & beverages

Espresso - our own in-house roasted blend

Cafe Drinks

 cafe mocha - Regular brewed coffee, cocoa, steamed milk topped with whipped cream

 cafe mocha mint - a cafe mocha with the addition on mint flavoring. 

 Cafe Au lait - regular brewed coffee and steamed milk. 

 Chai tea latte - sweetened spiced black tea and steamed milk topped with cinnamon.

 hot chocolate - cocoa, steamed milk topped with whipped cream.

Espresso Drinks

 Mochaccinoespresso coffee, cocoa, steamed milk topped with whipped cream.

 mochaccino mint - a mochacinno with the addition of mint flavoring.

 latte - espresso coffee and steamed micro-foam milk.

 cappuccino - espresso coffee and steamed frothed milk. 

Signature Espresso Drink

the wake-up call

a bold drink to get you going in the morning or a boost anytime of the day!

Regular brewed coffee, just the right amount of cocoa, espresso coffee

& steamed milk topped with cinnamon. 

Iced Beverages

Iced tea - choose either Earl grey tea, fruit flavored tea of the day or sweet. tea

Iced coffee - Choose either straight roast or flavored coffee of the day.

cold brew coffee - cold brewed for 12 to 24 hours to make a delicious chilled delight. 

Lemonade - our very own special blend. 

Stewart's old fashioned sodas - Root beer or cream soda

coke, sprite or diet coke

O.J. or apple juice

bottled water - good old h2o

Italian sodas

iced Latte - ice, milk and espresso coffee  (may add flavoring for extra charge)

Fruit smoothie - wild berry, strawberry, strawberry/banana, peach or mango

frappe freeze - java chip, chocolate peanut butter, cookies & Creme,  caramel latte,

                          vanilla latte, toffee coffee, chocolate mint

iced chai latte - Oregon chai tea, milk, ice and topped with cinnamon (try with lavender)

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